Addressing Pest Problems With Speed and Efficiency

Our company was founded in 2012 after our founder realized the urgent need for high-quality extermination services in our area.

Frank Monteforte is a trusted real estate professional who has seen countless homes suffering from termites and other infestations. He’s an establish Owner Operator who has licensed technicians that works for him. Frank decided to Mission Exterminating, dedicating his time and expertise to serve every customer in need.

Frank will take care of phases of pest control including termites and termite repairs.

Meet Owner-Operator Frank Monteforte

As a Long Island native, Frank is very familiar with the area, which allows him to know all about the common pest problems his clients may be experiencing. He works with licensed professionals and skilled technicians who are equally dedicated to removing rodents and insects from your home.

Customer-Focused Leadership

Since day one, Frank has always emphasized the importance of honesty, integrity, and reliability in the workplace. That’s why our company applies the best techniques for every job, ensuring we use the best products that are only harmful to bugs, not humans.

The Mission Exterminating Guarantee

We take our time to assess every situation, listening to the needs and specifications of our clients. This way, we can guarantee a smooth, safe, and cost-effective job that addresses your infestation problem as fast as possible.

Service Locations

We cater to the needs of our valued clientele in the Long Island Area of New York, including the following:

  • Serving Long Island

Say Goodbye to Pesky Parasites

For more details on our service fees and policies, reach out to our responsive team.